Note: For Python usage, please refer ${PLUS_FOLDER}/python/

Basic Features

Kneron PLUS stands for Platform Library Unified Software which is a framework comprising new software(SW) and firmware(FW) design for KL520 (and alpha for KL720).

In order to run the inference of models on Kneron AI devices, there are three parts of AI application development are required:

Below diagram depicts three parts of development in a big picture.

However, this document only focuses on the software development and the firmware development. For the model development, please refer to the Toolchain Docker part.

In comparison with the previous SW/FW framework, this aims to simplify the design flow for AI applications development.

Below gives some definitions regarding the Kneron PLUS:

The features which PLUS Supported are listed below:

Index Category Supported Item KL520 KL720
1 Image Format RGBA8888 , RAW8 , YUYV422 , RGB565
2 System Firmware In Flash
3 Model In Flash
4 Runtime Upload Firmware X
5 Runtime Upload Model
6 Software Reset
7 Software Shutdown (/Developing Broad Only) X
8 Software Reboot
9 Scan Devices
10 Device Log via USB
11 Device Connection : All Dongles, Specified Dongle(s)
12 Inference Flexible Send / Receive Inference
13 Multiple Dongle Auto Dispatch
14 Enable / Disable Pre-process on Device
15 Enable / Disable Post-process on Device
16 Output Floating Point / Fixed Point Result
17 System / Model Info Get Firmware Version
18 Get KN Number
19 Get Model CRC
20 Get Model Info
21 Application API App Yolo Inference
22 Generic Inference
23 Customized Inference (C code only)
24 Inference Examples App Yolo Inference (Single Thread)
25 App Yolo Inference (Multiple Threads)
26 App Yolo Inference (Model in Flash)
27 App Yolo Inference (Web Cam)
28 App Yolo Inference (Web Cam with Drop Frame)
29 Generic Inference (Raw Output)
30 Generic Inference (with Crop)
31 Generic Inference (with Post Process on Host Side)
32 Generic Inference (Bypass Pre Process)
33 Customized Inference with Single Model (C code only) X
34 Customized Inference with Multiple Models (C code only) X
35 Model Zoo Examples Simple examples for pre-trained models

The following components are contained in Kneron PLUS:

Advanced Features for Enterprise Version

Besides the basic features, there are few advanced features provided in Kneron PLUS Enterprise:

Note: Most of the advanced features and examples are C code only. Only Update Kdp2 to Kdp2 Flash Boot has the python version example.

Index Category Supported Item KL520 KL720
1 System Runtime Upload Firmware via UART X
2 Hico Mode (MIPI image input, Companion Result Output) X
2 Examples Update Kdp to Kdp2 Usb Boot X
3 Update Kdp2 to Kdp2 Usb Boot X
4 Update Kdp to Kdp2 Flash Boot
5 Update Kdp2 to Kdp2 Flash Boot
6 Update Model to Flash
7 Upload Firmware via UART X
8 Read / Write Device Memory
9 Access Firmware Log via USB X
10 Hico Cam Inference (Kneron LW 3D module is required) X
11 Hico Cam Inference Simulator