Support no-flash design and boot from UART

(KL520 only)

KL520 can be designed to boot up as a UART XMODEM device.

When KL520 is in UART XMODEM interface, we can use Minion( SDK/firmware/utils/minion/ ) to download firmware to KL520 internal ram space via UART0 port, therefore KL520 can be designed without external flash.

1. Minion


Set bootstrap to manual boot 2. UART(Xmodem) or boot from UART directly


Please refer to kneron_plus kl520_uart_boot_firmware example for more details.

Reference : Kneron Doc -> Kneron PLUS-C -> introduction -> run_examples_enterprise -> 6. Load Firmware through UART

2. Firmware build with no-flash design


In board setting section, please set FLASH_TYPE definition as FLASH_TYPE_NULL.

#define FLASH_TYPE                              FLASH_TYPE_NULL

Remove flash related drivers:

Please be noted that all the flash read/write functions are not allowed to be used in no-flash design.