ISI APIs are for setting up image streaming interface, and inference.

Start ISI Mode

int kdp_start_isi_mode(int dev_idx, uint32_t app_id, uint32_t return_size, uint16_t width, uint16_t height, uint32_t format, uint32_t* rsp_code, uint32_t* buf_size);

Start ISI Mode with ISI Configuration

int kdp_start_isi_mode_ext(int dev_idx, char* isi_cfg, int cfg_size, uint32_t* rsp_code, uint32_t* buf_size);

ISI Inference

int kdp_isi_inference(int dev_idx, char* img_buf, int buf_len, uint32_t img_id, uint32_t* rsp_code, uint32_t* img_buf_available);

ISI Retrieve Result

int kdp_isi_retrieve_res(int dev_idx, uint32_t img_id, uint32_t* rsp_code, uint32_t* r_size, char* r_data);