Kneron Model Zoo Inference Example - Detection(Yolov5)

PLUS Inference Example with NEF model trained from

Check - tutorial ( location: /workspace/ai_training/detection/yolov5/tutorial/tutorial.ipynb )


to learn how to train a the example model, and check

to learn how to convert the trained model to NEF model

Note: We built and run the examples below under OS Windows 10 (19041.1052), Keil uVision5 (, MSYS2 MinGW 64-bit (20210419), and cmake version 3.20.2.

How to:

step 1. read document at Getting_start and make sure PLUS is ready

step 2-1. run KL520 example:

    cd build/bin/

step 2-2. run KL720 example:

    cd build/bin/

Detail Infomation:

Platform backbone FPS(npu only) Input format Preprocess Normalize
KL520 YOLOv5s 4.91429 RGB565 auto (on device) Kneron mode
KL720 YOLOv5s 24.4114 RGB565 auto (on device) Kneron mode