Kneron PLUS - Python

Kneron PLUS (Kneron Platform Library United Software) is a python interface for model inference on Kneron edge devices. This project contains Python examples and Kneron PLUS API to control Kneron edge devices.

This document only provides brief introduction. For more detailed information, please visit the following documents:

Kneron PLUS is compatible with the platform, OS and Python version listed below:

OS Platform Python Version
Windows 10 x86_64 64-bit 3.5-3.9 (x86_64 64-bit)
Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64 64-bit 3.5-3.9 (x86_64 64-bit)
Raspberry Pi OS - Buster 10 armv7l 32-bit 3.5-3.9 (armv7l 32-bit)