Model Inference - Image Inference

This tutorial shows how to inference image data by Kneron devices with built-in hardware image pre-processing. The kp module support following image inference interfaces:

  1. Inference general format image
  2. Inference binary image data

Note: Please upload NEF model on Kneron device before the following tutorial. See the Load NEF Model for details.

Inference general format image:

Kneron PLUS support BGR565, BGRA8888, RAW8 (Grayscale) numpy.ndarray (dtype=numpy.uint8, dim=3) image inference.

Inference binary image data:

Kneron PLUS support BGR565, BGRA8888, RAW8 (Grayscale), YCbCr422 (YUYV422) bytes data inference.

More supported image format information please reference Supported Image Format