Connect to Kneron device

This tutorial shows how to connect to Kneron devices and get Kneron device handler (Device Group).

Import kp into your program:

import kp

Get Kneron device USB port IDs for connecting:

Device Group is Kneron device handler, which supports multiple same product ID Kneron devices connection ability.

  1. Get USB port ID of KL520 devices by kp.core.scan_devices()

    target_device_type = kp.ProductId.KP_DEVICE_KL520
    usb_port_ids = []
    device_descriptors = kp.core.scan_devices()
    for device_descriptor in device_descriptors.device_descriptor_list:
        if target_device_type == device_descriptor.product_id and \

  2. Connect to Kneron device by kp.core.connect_devices(usb_port_ids=List[int])

    • Connect one Kneron device

      device_group = kp.core.connect_devices(usb_port_ids=[usb_port_ids[0]])

    • Connect multiple Kneron devices
      Note: Multiple Kneron devices connection ability only supports the same product ID Kneron devices. Please check your USB port IDs have the same product ID before kp.core.connect_devices(usb_port_ids=List[int]).

      device_group = kp.core.connect_devices(usb_port_ids=usb_port_ids)