To connect multiple (including one) Kneron devices.


Disable firmware log of all devices with firmware log enabled.


To disconnect a Kneron device.

kp.core.enable_firmware_log(device_group, usb_port_id, log_file_path)

Enable firmware log from certain device.

kp.core.get_model_info(device_group, usb_port_id)

Get model information (crc, model id, etc.).

kp.core.get_system_info(device_group, usb_port_id)

Get system information (kn number and firmware version).


Get Kneron PLUS version


Install device driver on Windows

kp.core.load_encrypted_models(device_group, nef_buffer_list)

Upload encrypted NEF models data bytes to device through USB.

kp.core.load_encrypted_models_from_file(device_group, file_path_list)

Upload encrypted NEF Models to device through USB by encrypted NEF file path(s).

kp.core.load_firmware(device_group, scpu_fw_buffer, ncpu_fw_buffer)

Upload firmware data bytes to device through USB.

kp.core.load_firmware_from_file(device_group, scpu_fw_path, ncpu_fw_path)

Upload firmware to device through USB by firmware file path.

kp.core.load_model(device_group, nef_buffer)

Upload NEF models data bytes to device through USB.

kp.core.load_model_from_file(device_group, file_path)

Upload NEF Model to device through USB by NEF file path.


Load model from device flash (Please update NEF model in flash by Kneron DFUT).

kp.core.reset_device(device_group, reset_mode, sleep_secs=0)

Reset the device in hardware mode or software mode.


Scan all Kneron devices and report a list. This function can get devices connectivity information at runtime.

kp.core.set_timeout(device_group, milliseconds)

To set a global timeout value for all USB communications with the device.