Kneron ModelZoo

The Kneron ModelZoo provides verified model architecture and training code for user to easily retrain model and put it on Kneron hardware platform. You can convert the retrained model to NEF model by our toolchain provided in section Kneron Toolchain Docker

In addition, the Kneron PLUS provides Generic Image Inference and Generic Data InferenceAPIs for you to quickly build the prototype application. You can learn how to leverage Generic Image Inference and Generic Data Inference APIs to do inference, pre-processing and post-processing by the following ModelZoo examples.

(*Note) There are two type of examples (Verified category/models, Legacy), recommend user can try Verified category/models first, Legacy version is planned to be removed.

Verified category/models:

Category Model Type & Document PLUS example
kneron-mmdetection YoloX Not Implement
kneron-mmpose RSN18 Not Implement
kneron-mmsegmentation STDC Not Implement
kneron-mmtracking ByteTrack Not Implement
kneron-mmclassification RegNet Not Implement


Category Model Type & Document PLUS example
Popular Object Detection YoloV5s C example
FCOS C example
Popular Classification Popular backbones C example